Hello all!  I updated my website and facebook with the latest photos of paintings I've been doing.  The photo competition is in full swing and it's going very well-- keep it up! Here is a picture of "Peter."  He is my dog nephew.  I painted him for my sister for her birthday this past weekend. Peter was actually the first dog I ever painted and the reason behind my idea to start this business! The new style is "closeups." What do you think?


I just finished two paintings of golden retrievers! They were a surprise birthday gift for a customer's mother. The paintings ended up turning out great but i must say, I probably have the hardest time capturing their coloring out of all the other breeds!  Hopefully sometime down the road I will be a master retriever painter.  Until that time check out Martha and George:

I have decided to have a pet photo competition!  Enter your favorite photo of your pet on the promotions section of my facebook page for a chance to win a FREE 8x10 custom painting!  Hurry up--the entries for this competition are filling up quickly! Get on Facebook and VOTE!