We have reached the conclusion of our first competition!  It was pretty fun and I've definitely learned some things along the way for future competitions (stay tuned). In the end I decided to award the first, second, and third place winners.  

Coming in first place with 88 votes winning a FREE 8x10 portrait is Max! What a beautiful dog!


Coming in second place, with 68 votes, is Shorty! His owner will get 50% off any painting size! Shorty will look GREAT in painted form!

Coming in third place, with 56 votes was Maggie! Her lucky owner will get 20% off any size painting!  Maggie will make a wonderful model!


Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!  Stay tuned for future competitions!!


Guess what??  Custommade.com featured Pawblo Picasso on their blog! Custommade.com is a really awesome website. The premise is similar to etsy but the art you find on the website is of a much higher caliber. They also offer the ability for people to post projects they want completed and artists on the website will bid to complete the project for you! I love that custom made products are trendy (obviously, because I've made a business around it). It's a really wonderful economic model where everybody wins. Yes, you may be paying more for a product in a society where mass production prevails, but you are paying for quality, and supporting an individual craftsman. You can also be sure that the work you recieve is entirely original because it is made specifically for you! Support the arts! Support custom made products!


AuthorMelissa King