During my Joy Street Open Studios event in April, I met Valerie Eliason, who is a co-host on the television show, "It's All About Arts," which airs on the local station BNN (Boston Neighborhood Network). She really enjoyed my art and asked me if I wanted to be interviewed on her show. Of course I said "yes!" 

This past Monday (12/15/14) I went into the station headquarters in Roxbury and did my first ever LIVE television interview! It was so cool seeing all the different sets and witnessing the behind the scenes in this sort of operation. I was a little nervous at first, but once I started it became a breeze... I think I could get used to doing this sort of thing :) You can't really tell in the video but I'm all decked out in dog clothing, per usual!

My interview starts around 37:10 if you want to skip forward... Enjoy!

AuthorMelissa King